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Affiliate marketing is the gift that keeps on giving.

You can be earning a FULL TIME PASSIVE INCOME, every month, in the next 100 days (or less) just by following this simple training.

Well, not only I’m giving you this free affiliate marketing training, but I’m also giving you a complete done for you (plug-and-play) affiliate marketing funnel.

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It’ll take you less than an hour to set- up and you can be earning passive affiliate commissions as soon as tomorrow.

It’s all automated, which means once it’s started you don’t have to do anything. It’s done for you, which means you just copy and paste.

It’s scalable, which means there’s no limit to what you can earn. You just turn it on and money comes out the other side for you.

Then, come back in 100 days and thank me.




Car Dealership Funnel

Use this simple Funnel to collect leads for your dealership

Simple 2 step funnel that allows your other online tools to be integrated.. such as trade-in valuation.

Combine with GetResponse to add direct auto-follow up and Build your E-Mail Marketing List

View The Car Dealership Funnel

Download The Car Dealership Funnel and Customize for yourself



BOOK or APP Launch FREE Funnel Download

launch funnel

Use this simple Funnel to Launch your own Book or App. Use the countdown timer to gather momentum before the launch date.

3 Step Funnel Including Countdown Clock / Information and Thankyou Pages

Integrate with GetResponse to add directly and Build your E-Mail Marketing List

View The Funnel:

Download Link:


Retail Business FREE Funnel Download

Retail Funnel

Use the simple 2 step process (Last 2 steps of this Funnel) to boost your Retail Business.

Easily Customize to your own industry.

Combined with very affordable Targeted Facebook Advertising, Attract Customers to your store by way of a very simple discount Offer.

Use the Landing Page and GetResponse to collect Email and build your E-Mail Marketing List.

View The Funnel:

Download Link:


Simple Re-Direct FREE Funnel Download

redirect funnel Free Funnel Download

Use this Simple Funnel to Re-Direct traffic via a paid Traffic Link such as

View The Funnel:

Download Link:


FREE E-Book Giveaway FREE Funnel Download

ebook free funnel giveaway

Use your E-book, or any other Lead Magnet to give away for free, in exchange for someones E-Mail Address to build your Marketing List.

Perfect to use with your GetResponse Auto Responder.

Build Your List!

View The Funnel:

Download Link:



S.A.M Funnel – The Secret Affiliate Machine

EPS Free funnel download

The latest Affiliate Marketing “Business-in-a-box” “Ready-Made” Funnel

All you need to do is sign up for your FREE Clickfunnels 14 day trial, import this funnel via the link instructed, and start sending traffic…

So many new affiliates are making money with this one..

See the Review:

View The Funnel:

Download Link:


Clickbank Offer FREE Funnel Download

cb lander free funnel download

Any Affiliate Marketing Expert knows and uses Clickbank.

The trick here is to use ONE funnel for all of your clickbank offers.

Simply Download this funnel to your Clickfunnels account, and use in conjunction with your GetResponse Auto Responder.

Add ALL your Clickbank Offers to this one funnel. That way you are not limited to 20 Funnels in your Trial Account.

View The Funnel:

Download Link:


Tutorial Host Funnel FREE Funnel Download

tutorial funnel free funnel download

Many people have asked me an easy way to set up a tutorial video sequence.. This is a very simple way to set up a tutorial page in under 15 Minutes.

Use this funnel to lay out your instructional videos

View The Funnel:

Download Link:




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