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Websites are Old News! Do you know how to create your own Sales Funnel?

If you’re looking for the ideal Sales Funnel Creator Software, and you don’t know how to create your own website, don’t be put off. Did you know that most businesses will look to hire an outside IT company to do this for them,  and most small businesses will struggle finding the funds to pay for them.

Did you know how easy and satisfying it can be to create your own website using this simple, Sales Funnel Creator Software? This is not only your own website, but how about your very own Sales Funnel, a new and exciting way of showcasing your Business Online?

GONE are the days of static pages, About Us, Our Services Etc..

What if you could grab your customer by the hand, lead them in your front door, show them around your sales floor, get them excited about your products, ask them for the sale, overcome any objections right there and then.. Up-sell them!

Take their money, Add them to your E-mail Marketing list, Follow up with them on future Products and Services, and Keep them updated with your Business Happenings.. ALL ONLINE.

Sounds impossible. Sounds too good to be true.

Have you ever heard of a Sales Funnel Creator Software Program called ClickFunnels?

This may be something new to you, so now is a fantastic time to learn more about this online marketing technique.
A lot of popular and successful business owners have worked with this program and are succeeding with their online business.

Let me explain the Clickfunnels Program to you, How it works, and how it can help your business.

ClickFunnels uses incredible tools which simplify attracting clients, and streamlines the process of leading customers and creating enormous and continuous sales.

Sales Funnel Creator Software

It involves a very unique strategy to attract potential customers. It works based on the human psyche. By studying how buyers react with sellers.
The tools work to build stronger ties to potential customers that will later convert them into long-term re-purchasing clients.

It is a proven marketing method and sales strategy that will produce a very good return on investment. A relatively Small Investment. It’s cheaper than you may think. And far cheaper than any IT company you can hire.

Business owners and the Sales and Marketing Guru’s alike, realize that marketing funnels are the best way to get more, and long-term, permanent customers.


Sales Funnel Creator


It works by bringing potential clients through the first area of engagement and then offering a series of steps intended for future sales conversions.
A funnel works by encouraging customer sales through different conversions.

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For example, a funnel will have several branches such as:

Initial Offers and One-time limited offers
Upsells & Downsells known as “Order Bumps”
Webinars and Membership Sites

The main goal is to offer the customers different products at different times to maximize the profit for each client.


The funnels can be a simple or complex, but the bottom-line is to increase the over all sales profit.


This strategy has become very popular among most online marketers and sales managers.

Of course, business owners are going to love the idea of increasing sales and maintaining permanent and ongoing customers. No wonder, it has become the latest talk of the town in the business arena!



Sales Funnel Creator


To give you a clear view on how the process works, here is a simple version of a step-by-step guide on how to create your own website funnel using Clickfunnels:

Step 1: Set up your FREE Trial and Pick Your Funnel

There are many templates to choose from to best suit your product or service, or you can start from scratch and build your very own. The program editor is very easy to use. Whatever your business, there is a ready made funnel for you to choose from.

clickfunnels Choose A Funnel

Step 2: Pick the Page Design


Choose the style of page that best suits your product or service.


clickfunnels set up


Step 3: Modify the page to your own unique look


By the click of a few buttons, your funnel will be ready to roll.


clickfunnels drag and drop software

Sales Funnel Creator


Once you have learned how to create your own website and now have your funnel created, you can test it. and tweak it as time goes on. The changes will go LIVE instantly.

Then you just need to send a little traffic down your funnel. How do you attract new customers?

You can attract new potential clients by offering a low-commitment product like a free and downloadable PDF file to warm them up.
The goal of giving your potential client a freebie is to develop their confidence in you or your company.

By giving them free ebook, related to your industry, they can get an idea on your line of business, what are you up to within the industry, and what they are to expect from your company.

After building a brand with your potential client, you can offer them other high-price items that will eventually lead to sales and or larger upsell orders.

By offering a perfect stranger a product, you are introducing them to you and your brand. Now when the time comes to offer them another upgraded product, they are already familure with your brand. You have already established yourself.


Learning how to create your own website using Clickfunnels is Why Sales Funnels are the New Face of Marketing?


The unique formula of a sales funnel is relatively simple. You need to offer your potential client a free yet valuable offer so you can get a response. A simple offer of value in exchange for their E-mail Address. Fair is Fair. If you are able to target the right customers, there is a higher chances that they will respond to your future offers. You just need to establish simple rapport and connection with them. Then you can start to offer them opportunities to buy larger orders.

If Customers liked your product or services the first time, they are more likely to purchase a higher priced item down the track, because they are able to see your brands worth.

Your Clients are not prospects for large orders, although you can still keep them on your marketing list as regular customers by offering lesser priced offers.

You may think they are looking for premium priced products, you can then offer higher priced items by way of up-selling.
If you want your business to survive in the competitive world of online business, you need to know how this principle works.
But if you don’t have any strategy, your competitors will surely find this sooner or later, and your brand will be left behind!



First, you need to create one or several:

Opt-in pages
Auto responders (Require a sequence of Follow Up Emails)
Sales Pages
Order Forms
FAQ Forms
Additional Content
Member’s area and anything else your brand may need.

Before Clickfunnels, setting up a marketing and sales website requires several steps…

You needed to have your own web hosting service, autoresponder service, split-testing software, landing page, membership site service plus you also need to pay programmers and designers to put this all together. But now you know how to create your own website, ClickFunnels allows you to do it all using a single platform.

This means you don’t need to pay thousands of dollars to make it work. Plus, you don’t have any ongoing headache on getting to know how each strategy works because the ClickFunnels program will do it for you.  As a matter of fact, you don’t even need to have your own website to make it work! It can be hosted directly from the Programs Site.

One common mistake of business owners and even sales and marketing managers is, they put too much effort on building and managing a website. Over Engineering.

More often than not, they fall into the common mistake of deviating from their actual goal, instead of focusing on getting more sales. They are often burdened with doing the time-consuming stuff.
It’s important to remember that every part of your new site must generate and lead into sales. And it will if you follow the formula.

ClickFunnels will teach you. When you learn how to create your own website, Clickfunnels will help you create this kind of website.


You will have your own:
Sales pages
Email pages
Opt-in pages
Online Training Courses
Membership areas

Building this kind of site is no longer time-consuming. You will know how to create your own website and you can actually have your own by using one platform.
If this sounds good to you, then let’s take a look at how it will go on, if you sign up now.


Sales Funnel Creator


If you want to grow your business and build a long-term relationship with your clients, you should give learn how to create your own website and give ClickFunnels a try.

ClickFunnels Pricing:
The product costs $97 per month for the basic level and $297 per month for a most sophisticated level.
Don’t pay hundreds or even thousands of dollars for unnecessary marketing strategies, here you will be offered with a proven effective sales conversion and lead strategy.

Clickfunnels is a cheaper option than other products you know of. It also guarantees long-term investment by building strong relations with your clients. It allows you to be more flexible in providing services to your potential customers and you will be able to provide a win-win situation to your client and at the same time you earn money from the different funnels.

More importantly, you get the value of learning how the competitive world of business works. The program alone gives you the education that you need to become a successful entrepreneur, marketer and sales person.

If you want to give it a try, you can Check out the Free Trial Offer.


Go ahead and sign up. You will need to enter a Credit Card, however you won’t be charged until after the 14 days trial passes. Even if you do run with the program, you are only charged on a month to month basis, and you can cancel any time. It’s well worth giving the program a fair go, at least for a few months.


Now Lets get started!


First, you need to know what kind of funnel you want to start with.
Start with something simple, such as an opt-in funnel with the objective to “Collect Customer Emails”.
Go ahead and give your funnel a name, create an opt-in page, and then a thank you page. Very Simple.
You can create your own from scratch or use a ready made template.

Go ahead and modify the ready-made template so you can incorporate your own touches such as colours and wording. This is much faster than creating a page from scratch.

After you choose the template, add your own motto, logos, and additional information about your business brand.
It won’t take you long to finish it. As you use the program more and more, you will soon find how easy everything falls into place.

It won’t take long to create a simple landing page, with a thank you page and then link it all to your auto responder.
You don’t need to have your own website or web hosting to publish these pages, But you can publish it to your own website if you have one.


How to Create detailed and Complex Funnels?


Now that you have an idea on how to create a simple funnel, have a look at how to create your own website incorporating a sophisticated or complex funnel.

The ClickFunnels program allows you to build a funnel that exceeds all expectations and limitations.
As a matter of fact, you can create various kinds of funnels to generate more and more sales:

Sales Page Funnels – This page is used to sell your products and services including downsells or upsells and or one time offers to maximize your sales for every customers.
Lead Capture Funnels – It is created to grow your mailing and or subscribers list.
Online Courses – If you are into selling or hosting your online courses, this sales funnel is the best option.
Webinar Funnels – Helps you to sell, promote and get registrations for your webinars.
Membership Sites – You can Earn an income through creating membership sites.


Building Sales Funnels is Sooooo Easy! And Fun!


Keep in mind that funnels are not simply just a series of pages, but actually a series of call-to-action steps where you convince your potential customers to take the steps towards your offer.

Funnels usually begin with opt-in page where you will convince your potential clients to exchange thier E-mail address for something of value. Usually, an E-Book or PDF File.
Once they opted in or given their email address, their email will be automatically added into an autoresponder series. Your client will get a series of scheduled emails for the next few days or weeks.


Check out Getresponse as a quality Autoresponder to pair with clickfunnels for easy intergration.


After encoding their email, they will be re-directed to a thank you page, and on the Thank-you page, your clients will be offered a product or a service to buy.
It could be a one-off offer or a limited offer good for only few hours. You could also offer them a low-cost deal, also known as a dollar deal, to determine who the real buying customers, and those only there for a freebie.

In this way, you easily target the right customer. The client who is looking, and in need of your product or services.
The offers will depend on their choices and on your Niche Market.


Get yourself the Expert Secrets Book Free


The important thing to remember here is, your services are catered according to the needs & wants of your potential clients. The funnel will allow you to design a product or service that specifically targets the needs of your customers.
This way, you can easily establish their trust and confidence, as they know that you understand their needs and limitations. Simply put, a funnel is not just a simple page to promote your product or service, it is more than that. It allows you to offer various services basing from what your client wants. It works by linking several pages to create an action flow.


Funnels also integrate payment processors to help make the transactions run smoothly.
You give your clients a chance to choose what they want and to then make the call for action they desire.
This is a fully automatic solution. Once you have set it up, you don’t need to worry about it. It’s a classic set-and-forget system.

You just need to send traffic in the top, and watch money come out the bottom. This is the purpose of a sales funnel.


Sales Funnel Creator Software


Now don’t get to put-off if all of this seems a little too much to handle. You can sign up for the trial, and have a go yourself, or you can contact a “Funnel Hacker”

This is a Funnel Building Expert who can tailor a funnel yo your specific needs. If you want to organise a quote for this, just contact us directly and we can put you in touch with someone who specializes your Niche.


If you want to try a Ready Made Funnel, you can download at the Free Funnel Page.



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